Slow-roasted Shoulder of Lamb (Plati Sto Fourno)

Slow-roasted Shoulder of Lamb is a family favourite. It is the hero dish we make on Easter Sunday. The aromas of the lamb, garlic, lemon and herbs permeate the kitchen as it slowly cooks.

After the long period of fasting from any meat product, we await anxiously to sit at the table to enjoy the succulent lamb. That said, I do cook this dish at other times throughout the year as well, especially if I’m entertaining for lunch or dinner.

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Blood Orange and Filo Pastry Pita with Syrup (Portokalopita)

Portokalopita is simply divine. There are many versions, but they all have oranges, eggs, dried filo pastry and cream or yoghurt.

There is never a week when we don’t make portokalopita at least once at Sweet Greek. Sometimes to vary it we make it with lemons — lemonopita, which is equally delicious.

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French Toast with Ricotta and Grape Syrup (Tsoureki with Ricotta and Petimezi)

Our Tsoureki bread can be made into French Toast. It is a recipe close to the hearts of many of our customers. It has to be one of everyone's absolute favourites.

It's perfect if you want to spoil yourself or your loved ones on a lazy Sunday morning.

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